About Aggie Pullers


The American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) started the International Quarter Scale (IQS) competition in 1997. The Texas A&M Aggie Pullers first entered the competition in 1998. The 1998 team didn’t have any idea what a 1/4 scale tractor should look like. With some good ol’ Aggie Engineering the team’s first tractor worked quite well and met expectations. Over time the competition changed, and Texas A&M changed with it. Rumors passed down through the years even say some of these rules may have been implemented because the Aggie Pullers would push the envelope. Implementation of the sound test may just be proof of such rumors. In 2005, Texas A&M’s tractor had a tuned exhaust making it almost unbearably loud. In 2006, the IQS developed stringent rules on how loud a tractor could be. The reason may never be known, nevertheless a good story to tell. Past teams have built everything from 4×4’s to 6 wheeled tractors, CVTs and hydrostatics, single engine and multiple engine designs. In recent years the design has been streamlined in order to consistently build similar tractors with known performance histories. These smaller variations in design have helped the team grow both in knowledge and experience. Currently, the team is building upon the previous year’s design to develop a better tractor, making the Aggie Pullers a force to be reckoned with this coming year in Peoria at the national competition. The team takes a lot of pride in what we build and welcome the opportunity to showcase our accomplishments by representing Texas A&M throughout the state and at national competition against other universities. One of the greatest achievements of all is receiving the sportsmanship award at the competition; this shows that our team is exemplifying the Aggie Spirit by lending a hand to other teams in need. Sometimes this may just be a wrench or a piece of metal, but either way others notice the class of the Aggies, which at the end of the day is our greatest achievement.