Dr. Kingman

Dr. Douglas Kingman’s connection with the Texas A&M University’s Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department is one that has endured through two decades.  Though only officially working for BAEN since the spring semester of 2015, he is no stranger to the department. He grew up in Texas and was awarded an Agricultural Systems Management degree from A&M in 1991. He went on to get a Master’s in Agricultural Education at Texas A&M in 1998 as well as a Master’s and PhD in Agricultural Systems Management at Purdue University. He is currently the only PhD of Agricultural Systems Management in the department and focuses on teaching this subject rather than its engineering counterparts. Hewas hired to teach 90% of the time with service taking up the other 10%. This allows him more time to carry out his passion for teaching.  When asked what drew him to Texas A&M he cites his love of the department’s faculty and their high degree of professionalism as well as the difference they make on a daily basis.



Dr. Ron Lacey

Dr. Ron Lacey, P.E. – Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Texas A&M University. Phone: (979) 845-3967; Email: [email protected].

His research interests are focused on the application of engineering fundamentals to design, operate, and optimize complex systems. Past projects have included extracting and correlating ultrasonic image parameters to meat tenderness, correlating ultrasonic wave characteristics with physical properties of aging cooking oil, long-termgrowth of plants under hypobaric pressures (1/4 atmosphere) to simulate potential Martian colonies, quantification and control of air quality factors in animal agriculture, and production of biofuels from algae. Dr. Lacey currently teaches graduate classes in statistical design (BAEN 661) and systems simulation (BAEN 601) along with undergraduate classes in unit operations for food and agricultural processing (BAEN 365) and project management (AGSM 473).